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Meet our Tattoo Artists in Rochester NY

Our tattoo artists at Kamikaze Tattoo in Rochester, NY bring their unique tastes and skills to our clients. Each artist works to make their tattoos bright, bold, and long lasting. They use the most up to date techniques and always make sure their tools are properly sterilized.

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Tattoo Artists of Rochester, NY | Kamikaze Tattoo

Kamikaze Tattoo

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Mike "Deuce” Bellanca

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Mike has been tattooing in Rochester since 1999. Beginning with White Tiger and LoveHate for the first 7 years of his career, his time was well spent learning the ropes. Mike struck out on his own, opening Vatican Tattoo in Greece, NY in 2005, but missing the creative energy of the city he eventually landed in the Southwedge area of Rochester opening Kamikaze Tattoo in 2008. Their current location and line-up are what he describes as the dream team. "I get to go to work every day with people that I consider my family, and people that continue to challenge and inspire me to be a better person and artist."

Mike's style range is fairly wide. "I like to think I can do anything that walks through the door, however here at Kamikaze Tattoo, we match the client to an artist in order for them to get the best tattoo possible." Mike is best known for his colorful, vivid Japanese and traditional American influenced tattooing, but he can take on black and grey work as well. So long as what he's envisioning is what works best for that particular client.

"My job is to make people happy, that's a pretty good gig."

Kyle Downs

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Kyle attended Savannah College of Art and Design graduating with a degree in illustration in 2009. Shortly after, in early 2011, Kyle moved to Rochester where he began tattooing. In 2012, he was afforded the opportunity to master his craft and further study the history of tattooing alongside Mike Deuce at Kamikaze Tattoo. Kyle tattoos in most styles, but truly appreciates fine-line black work and American traditional tattooing.

Tattoo Artists of Rochester, NY | Kamikaze Tattoo

Casy Diaz

Find me on instagram: @fatcasyvixi

Casy Diaz is originally from Canandaigua, NY. He graduated from FLCC with a graphic design degree in 2010. Casy has been tattooing since 2011, when he started his career at Horns & Tails in Rochester, NY. Casy specializes in American traditional and black work, but enjoys using his unique perspective to make sure every customer leaves with a great tattoo no matter what the style.

Toby Zeigler

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Born and raised in the inner city of Rochester, NY, Toby began his professional career tattooing at Steadfast Tattoo. His pursuit of knowledge in the craft and art of tattooing over the following years has afforded Toby the opportunity to work alongside and learn from many of the city's finest tattooers, as well as the opportunity to travel. Now tattooing at Kamikaze Tattoo, Toby is honored to work alongside such talented artists in a fun, comfortable environment.

Toby specializes in color traditional style tattooing and has a deep respect for the traditions and history of tattooing. Having learned to tattoo in a busy street shop environment, he is very comfortable in a variety of styles and takes pride in being able to execute clean, solid tattoos quickly.

He also builds handcrafted tattoo machines made in limited numbers. If you are a professional tattooer and are interested in a tattoo machine, please feel free to e-mail Toby directly at:

Karrah Teague

Find me on instagram: @the_grim_weeper

Karrah is a Rochester native, who has been tattooing since 2010. After working in Melbourne, Australia for a year, she returned to her home town and joined the Kamikaze team in 2017. She is proficient in a variety of styles, but her specialties include abstract work, american traditional, and stippling.