Rochester, NY | Kamikaze Tattoo

Can a minor get tattooed with parental consent?

NO. NY State law forbids the tattooing of any person under the age of 18. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Do you do piercings as well?

No, we are a tattoo shop only.

What forms of payment do you take?

We currently accept cash only. There is an ATM conveniently located next door at Boulder Coffee.

Rochester, NY | Kamikaze Tattoo

How do you ensure that everything is clean and sterile?

Each tattoo is done with a new single use needle, which is blister packed to prevent tampering or resealing. The needle is EO Gas sterilized at the factory and once used is placed in an approved biohazard container. Once full, that container is then taken to an appropriate disposal location. Tubes are cleaned and autoclaved on site.

Do we need an appointment?

Appointments are not always necessary but strongly recommended. Walk-ins are always welcome when there is time in the schedule and design willing.

Is it OK to bring my child to the shop with me?

We do not allow children in the shop as it is both a distraction to the artists and a hazard.

Rochester, NY | Kamikaze Tattoo

How much do tattoos cost?

The shop minimum is $70. Most work is priced accordingly by the piece or charged an hourly rate. The hourly rate is generally $125 per hour. If you have a budget in mind for you tattoo, please discuss this with us, and we can usually work something out with your budget in mind.

How do I care for my tattoo?

The ONLY products we recommend for after care are liquid anti-bacterial soap and Aquaphor. For additional information, please contact us at 585-271-0290.